Hi, I'm State Representative Darrin Camilleri.

As a former teacher, and the son and grandson of union auto workers, I know what working people are up against today. The rules are rigged against our families in favor of lining the pockets of corporate interests.

I’m committed to building greater opportunities for Downriver. That’s why I’m fighting to make sure everyone has the freedom to live, work, go to school, raise a family, and retire with dignity.

For our future,

Rep. Darrin Quiroz Camilleri

Rep. Darrin Quiroz Camilleri


I’m Rep. Darrin Camilleri, and I’m working for you in Lansing to protect our public schools, invest in our infrastructure, and continue to grow Downriver’s economy.

I’ll prioritize building economic prosperity for Downriver.

  • Lower taxes on working families and end the retirement tax

  • Defend collective bargaining rights and the prevailing wage

  • Put Michigan jobs first and end tax breaks for companies sending jobs out of state and overseas

I’ll fight for educational opportunity for all.

  • Continue to fight for every child’s right to a high quality education

  • Roll back policies that route funding away from our K-12 public schools

  • Promote school safety and support school employees

I have a plan to invest in our infrastructure and rebuild Michigan.

  • Build a Downriver to last by investing in our roads, bridges, rail safety, and water infrastructure

  • Create good-paying jobs and ensure future job growth as new opportunities come to Downriver

  • Protect our Great Lakes and waterways from pollution, and work to prevent another water crisis in our state.

I’ll protect healthcare that puts people first.

  • Protect consumers from predatory prescription drug costs

  • Ensure access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Michiganders, including seniors and people with pre-existing conditions