In Michigan, we can create a state we can all be proud of -- if we invest in our people, our schools, and our communities.  


Economic Security for Downriver Families

Studies have shown that 40% of Americans cannot afford a $400 unexpected expense. This isn't right, especially when this number includes many full-time workers who are supporting families and seniors who have earned a secure retirement. I am fighting to ensure that Michigan’s working families and seniors have the economic security to provide for themselves and build a better life.

  1. Grow Wages and Lower Taxes for Working Families: There is no reason families living in poverty and our middle class should be contributing nearly twice as much of their income to state and local taxes as millionaires and billionaires. I support making this system fairer for working families by raising the minimum wage and implementing a graduated income tax.

  2. Protect Pensions: After working hard their entire lives, Michigan workers deserve to retire with dignity. I’ve fought back against attacks on pensions for police officers, firefighters, and teachers, and I’ll keep fighting for a secure retirement for all working families.

  3. Repeal the Retirement Tax: Michiganders who played by the rules and planned for their retirement had the rug pulled out from under them in 2012. We shouldn’t balance the budget on the backs of those living on a fixed income who can afford it the least.

  4. Lower the Cost of Auto Insurance: With some of the highest auto insurance costs in the nation, we have to do something to lower the price of auto insurance in Michigan. I co-sponsored a plan to eliminate non-driving factors (like zip code, marital status, and credit score) from rate calculations, root out fraud in the system, and increase transparency in the rate setting process.

Good-Paying Jobs for Michigan Workers

I believe in creating economic opportunity for all Michigan families so that they can achieve their own American Dream. That’s why I am fighting to make sure that Michigan workers can compete for the best jobs and are being paid fairly.       


1. Protect Collective Bargaining Rights: As the son and grandson of union workers, I know how important unions can be in supporting a family. All workers deserve that kind of opportunity, and that means having the right to fight for better hours, pay, and benefits.  

2. Put Michigan Workers First: I am working to put Michigan jobs first by making sure that state contracts are awarded to local companies, reinstating the prevailing wage, and ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs out of state or overseas.

3. Invest in Skilled Trades: We have an opportunity in Michigan to increase jobs in manufacturing and the skilled trades. I support enhancing apprenticeships and investing in career and technical education to train our students and workers for these good-paying jobs.

Quality Healthcare for All  

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We must make sure that every family in Michigan has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

  1. Preserve Healthy Michigan: This program has given almost 700,000 people in Michigan access to care who did not have it before. I will fight to protect this program so that no family in Michigan has to face losing their healthcare.

  2. Lower Prescription Drug Costs: Prescription drug prices in this country are out of control. I am pushing for a Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Board that would protect families from exorbitant drug prices and hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for price gouging.   

Educational Opportunity for All

The best chance at a middle class life in Michigan starts with a good education. With proper investment, Michigan can once again lead the way and provide a world-class education to all of our students.

  1. Invest in Education: It’s imperative that we fully fund our classrooms from Pre-K through college graduation so our students are on the cutting edge of reading, math, science, and technology. That’s why I voted to bring over $4 million to Downriver schools in 2017 and then for the largest increase in K-12 per-pupil funding in 15 years.

  2. Address Michigan’s Literacy Crisis: Michigan students are now ranked in the bottom ten nationally in reading. I believe every student attending school in Michigan should be guaranteed the right to read, and I support investing in early childhood education, public libraries, and parental supports to help us get there.

  3. Invest in Michigan Teachers: An excellent education starts with an excellent teacher. However, as a former teacher, I know the significant challenges they face. We need to ensure teachers have proper pay and a secure retirement in order to attract and retain best and brightest educators to our classrooms.

  4. Debt-Free Community College: With tuition costs on the rise, college--and therefore economic opportunity--is becoming less and less accessible to Michiganders. I believe we must make college more affordable so that our students are trained for the jobs of tomorrow.

Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow

Our roads and bridges are some of the worst in the country, which not only leads to expensive car repairs, but also discourages economic growth. Finding a solution will put people to work and make Michigan a better destination to do business.

  1. Invest in Our Roads, Bridges, Rail Safety, and Water Infrastructure: In Michigan we are underfunding our roads by almost $4 billion every year. So far, I have been able to support an additional $475 million in road funding over the last two years, and I will continue to fight to make money available to build a Downriver to last.

  2. Reinstate the Prevailing Wage: If we want to make sure our roads and bridges are built right the first time, we must ensure the work is being done by the most skilled and experienced Michigan workers.

Clean Air, Water, and Land

With the Detroit River, Lake Erie, Huron River, and many other parks and natural resources right in our backyard, our quality of life depends on us being good stewards of our environment. Keeping our air and water clean will help our economy, protect public health, and ensure we have beautiful places to live, work, and play.

  1. Protect the Great Lakes: I successfully fought back against funding cuts to programs that protect the Great Lakes, and I will keep fighting to make sure they stay clean for future generations.  

  2. Don’t Let Corporations Write the Rules: I spoke out against the push to let corporate polluters write environmental rules in Michigan. We should be strengthening environmental protections and holding polluters accountable, not the opposite.