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Dear Neighbor,

Hi, I’m Darrin Quiroz Camilleri, and I serve as the Democratic Whip and represent the communities of Brownstown, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Huron, Trenton, and Woodhaven in the Michigan House of Representatives.

I believe in a politics of possibility. If we work together, we can build the type of Michigan we want to see and the types of communities we can be proud to call home. As a teacher and organizer, I used these principles in my classroom and in my neighborhood to create change. As State Representative, I’m working every day to do the same.

As the son and grandson of union autoworkers, I understand the challenges that Downriver’s working families face because I’ve lived them. And coming from a family of immigrants, I know that Michigan can be a place of promise for many seeking to achieve the American Dream. But we need to do more to ensure that all Downriver families have a fair chance to get ahead.

For years in Lansing, politicians have put profit over people. We need our state government to prioritize working people and advocate for our community’s stories of struggle and success. I’m honored to lead and fight for you.

I believe in constant communication, so please reach out if you need anything. My email is votecamilleri@gmail.com and my cell phone is 734.818.5516. I’m looking forward to starting the conversation about our future.

Together, we can build a better and brighter Michigan for all of us.

For Downriver,

Rep. Darrin Quiroz Camilleri

Rep. Darrin Quiroz Camilleri


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